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Constitutional Safeguards for Weaker Sections and the Minorities in India
Author : Bindeshwar Pathak, B.N. Srivastava
Year of Publication : 1999
ISBN : 8170227461
Language : English
Binding : Hard Bound
No of Pages : 256
Size : 23 cms
Categories : Anthropology, Public Administration, Scheduled Castes and Schduled Tribes

Price : US$34.62
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About the Book :

Backwardness in India had got institutionalised as a result of caste system. The problem is very complex as historical, sociological, political and economic considerations come into play. The Constitution provides for a number of safeguards for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and the Minorities which are one of its unique features. These safeguards have apparently helped these communities in protecting their legitimate interests and accelerated their socio-economic development. The credit for incorporating these safeguards in the Constitution of India goes to Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution. It is but for him our Constitution would not have had this distinctive dimension. The founding fathers of the Constitution were men of vision, conscious of the historic but difficult task of carving an egalitarian society form out of a bewildering mass of religions, communities, castes, races, languages, beliefs and practices. They were well aware about the miserable and apathetic living conditions of miserable and apathetic living conditions of Backward Classes, besides the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Liberty, equality and fraternity was the battle-cry of the French Revolution. It is also the motto in Indian Constitution, with the concept of "Justice-Social, Economic and Political" . Equality has been and is the craving of all human beings at all points of time which has been referred to in the preamble and the articles under the sub-heading "Right to Equality" (Article 14 and 18). In this book, an attempt has been made to put the safeguards provided in the Constitution for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and the Minorities at one place and also write a brief commentary on the working of some of them since the Constitution came into force on the 26th January,1950.


About Author :

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak is a great humanist, social reformer, Founder of Sulabh Sanitation Movement and prolific writer. After Gandhi Dr. Pathak is the man, more than any other in India, who has made upliftment of untouchables as mission of his life. For the last three decades, he has been working relentlessly to keep the ecosystem clean and bring the marginalised sections of society into the mainstream. He gave a new dimension to the Gandhian movement and broadbased his principled fight against all kinds of discriminations. Dr. Pathak has been advocating introduction of Action Sociology in the academic curriculum. Dr. Pathak has authored several well-received books including Road to Freedom, Man and His Mission, Social Justice and Development of Weaker Sections, Sulabh Shauchalaya: A Study of Directed Change, Sulabh Shauchalaya: A Simple Idea that worked, Action Sociology and Development, Rural Violence in Bihar, Mukti Ke Marg Par. Besides Padma Bhushan, Dr .Pathak is also recipient of several national and international awards including the prestigious St. Francis prize for the Environment, Italy.

Mr. B.N. Srivastava is a social activist, planner and administrator who served the Government of India and held several prestigious positions, including in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Welfare, etc. As a planner, he formulated strategies for rapid development of weaker sections. He made valuable contributions in the implementation of several developmental programmes meant for weaker sections. At present, Shri Srivastava in Hony. Chairman (Administration), in the Sulabh International Social Service Organisation .A prolific writer Shri Srivastava has to his credit books and research articles published in journals in India and abroad. The Statesman described his latest book Manual Scavenging in India- A Disgrace to the Country as a scholarly work and a unique treatise, a goldmine for researchers.


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