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Economics of the Tribes and their Transformaion

Author : K.S. Singh

ISBN : 9789351251378

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Mental Health Psycho-Social Perspective (Volume 1: Issues and Interventions)

Author : Aradhana Shukla

ISBN : 9789351251699

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Appropriate Technologies for Rural Development in India

Author : Floris P. Blankenberg

ISBN : 9788170223719

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Agrarian Distress in India: Causes and Remedies

Author : T. Haque

ISBN : 9789351252573

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Communalism from Indian Perspective

Author : Sarajit Kumar Chatterjee

ISBN : 9789351251996

Rs. 1750.00

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    B.B. Kumar, (b.1941), M.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Anthropology), M.A. (Hindi), Ph.D. (Anthro.), currently Chairman. ICSSR,.New Delhi. He was former Principal, Sao Change Government College, Tuensang (Nagaland), and Science College, Kohima, was Member, Executive Council, Academic Council, University Court, College Development Council, Examination Committee, School Board of Physical Sciences and other numerous committees of the North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong (India). He was Chairman, Hindi Board of Studies, and Member, Board of Studies, of ‘Science for Rural Development’, Gandhigram Rural University, Tamil Nadu. He remained associated with a large number of NGOs as President, Vice President, Secretary and Member. He was founder Secretary of Nagaland Bhasha Parishad and Thinkers Forum, Nagaland and Governing Body Member of the Nagaland Peace Centre, the organization founded by Jai Prakash Narayan. He was Founder-Secretary, Astha Bharati, New Delhi, and Founder-Member, Governing Body of India Central Asia Foundation, New Delhi. Dr. Kumar has written/edited/co-authored 136 books and more than 100 papers. Presently, he is editing Quarterly Journals, Dialogue (English) and Chintan-Srijan (Hindi), both published from Delhi, and Quest, the journal of the Vivekanand Kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati. Some of his English language publications are India; Caste, Culture and Traditions; A Macro Perception of the Tribal Societies of India; Small States Syndrome in India; Naga Identity; Tension and Conflict in North-East India; Illegal Migration from Bangladesh (Ed.), Modernization in Naga Society (Ed.); Ethnic Movements in North-East India; and India and Central Asia: Classical to Contemporary Period (Co-edited).