Local Level Planning and Rural Development: Alternative Strategies

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About the Book :

This publication is one of the first attempts to explore the nature, and implications of, and institutions and mechanisms for, Local Level Planning and Development with focus on people's effective participation in decision-making and equitable sharing of the benefits of development. The book, in short, is concerned with the practical and operational aspects of development planning. The book brings under one cover the papers and reports of two interlinked meetings organised by UNAPDI and ESCAP. These meetings were attended by eminent development scholars and practitioners from the developing countries and also from a few developed countries. The book is divided into two parts. The first part consists of conceptual papers and a synthetic report of the UNAPDI meeting. The background papers put forth innovative concepts of labour certificates, people's sector and a new system of employee performance appraisal. The second part of the book consists of the country studies, and the report of the ESCAP meeting. Both the reports have useful suggestions for further research and experimentation in local level planning and development. The two appendices included in the book give detailed reports on research projects undertaken both by UNAPDI and ESCAP in pursuance of the recommendations of the two expert consultative meetings. In view of the current world-wide interest in participatory planning and development at the local level, the book is timely. It should be of interest not only to policy-makers and planners but also to general readers and students interested in both conceptual and operational aspects of integrated rural development.