Yanadi Response to Change: An attempt in Action Anthropology

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About the Book :

This is a book on action anthropology which narrates and evaluates the manner in which change was brought into the life of the Yanadi who in the year 1970 were still using Stone Age methods for making fire. The juxtaposition of space age technology and primitivism at Sri harikota is brought out very effectively in the day to day interaction between the anthropologists, the SHAR administration and the Yanadi inhabitants whose lives were undergoing a major transformation. Here, significantly enough, the anthropologist emerges, not as an expert or consultant, but as a fellow human who gathers facts, diagnoses day to day problems, suggests strategies and helps in actualizing suggested solutions. His role is thus an enlarged one which demands his cooperation, understanding and total involvement in order to achieve the desired goals. The book manages to bet behind the scenes of a unique and highly successful experience which could serve as a model for an experimental approach particularly in the context of the establishment of large industrial undertakings in remote and inaccessible tribal areas in India and elsewhere. Planners, administrations in addition to anthropologists and sociologists would benefit from a perusal of this interesting experiment.

About Author :

Binod C. Agrawal (Ph. D, Wisconsin) works at Developments and Educational Communication Unit, Space Applications Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad; has taught at lowa State University and the Indian Agricultural Research institute, Delhi, besides having bee Executive Secretary of the Xth International congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. His publications include "Cultural Contours of Religion and Economics in he Hindu Universe" (1980), Television comes to Village: An Evaluation of SITE (1980), "SITE Social Evaluation: Results, Experiments and Implications" (1981) and "Yanadi Response to Change: An Attempt in Action Anthropology" (1985). He is international editorial consultant of Encyclopeadia of Communication and Media Development.

P C Gurivi Reddy (Ph. D. Karnatak University, Dharwad) has been associated with Yanadi Action Research Project since 1976 and has lived and worked among the Yanadi for almost five years. He has published several articles and has been actively involved in anthropological researches. Presently, he is organizing an "Action Group" to initiate community programmes in Andhra Pradesh.

N. Sudhakar Rao (Ph. D. Rochester, USA) is Professor, Department of Sociology, Assam (Central) University, Silchar. Earlier he worked as Associate Professor at TALEEM Research Foundation, Ahmedabad and was Visiting Research Fellow at Centre for Development Studies, University of Bergen, Norway. Professor Rao has an extensive field work experience and carried out several sociological and anthropological researches. He co authored Yanadi Response to Change: An Attempt in Action Anthropology (1985) and published "Organised Power and unorganized Resistance" (1998), besides several papers in sociological and anthropological journals.