Regional Development and the International Division of Labour: International Firms in the Netherlands and India

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About the Book :

Industrialisation in developing countries and a de-industrialisation to a certain degree in for example Europe during the pat tow decades is often described as a New International Division of Labour. This reshuffling of product lines and industrial jobs on a world scale is analysed in this book for an industrially underdeveloped region in the Netherlands with an emphasis on the role of multinational corporations in this process of global shift. Special attention is paid to different reasons for firms operating internationally as to where for firms operating internationally as to where and why they establish their affiliates. Furthermore industialisation in India and the role of Dutch Multinationals is anlaysed within the same theoretical context. Tentatively, it is asked in the end whether there might be in developing countries as well as in industrialized countries comparable developments what regard to industrialisation, job creation, and the role of (provincial) governments when multinational corporations have a dominant influence on these issues.

About Author :

Ger van den Broek, who graduated in geography and worked with the Centre for Development Education in Nijmegen in the past, is now a researcher at the Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Nijmegen. He has done research on employment in international firms in the Nijmegen region and is now carrying out a project on the role of new technology in regional development.

Detlev Haude is a senior lecturer at the Third World Centre, Catholic University of Nijmegen. His research concentrates on the industrialisation of developing countries especially in South-east Asia and the role of international firms in this process.

Fons van der Velden is director of "Context, International Cooperation" (research, advice and training) in Utrecht, the Netherlands and Head of the Post Graduate Course Development Studies of the Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen (University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands). He has done extensive fieldwork in India and numerous assignments in sub-Saharan Africa. He is the (co)-author of several publications about Dutch private investments and foreign aid, including Regional Development and the International Division of Labour, also published by Concept Publishing Company.