Nation in Crisis: Achievements, Failures and Non-Function of the Government

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  • Author :S.P. Agrawal, J.C. Aggarwal
  • Year of Publication :1991
  • ISBN: :9788170223412
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 192
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Political Science

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About the Book :

THE BOOK deals basically with the sensitive issue that touches and worries every right thinking Indian today, viz., as to how our country can achieve and hole on to standards envisaged by a galaxy of men Gandhi and the like. An attempt is made in this volume to present in an objective manner achievements and failures of governmental system with particular reference to the National Front Government vis-a-vis their election manifesto. The book delineates attitudes and values that pose a challenge to our very survival, and stresses those that are required to revive the life-cells, highlighting the paramount need of following the highest standards of public morality of the CLEAN LIFE CLEAN POLITICS and CLEAN ADMINISTRATION form TOP including VIPs; Leaders especially political leaders, Senior Bureaucrats, Technocrats, Intellectuals, Journalists and Business Magnates et al UNTO THE LAST. Endeavour has also been made here to present basic corrective measures for achieving these ideals. The matter presented in the book, it is hoped, will prompt everybody, who is feeling uneasy and anxious about the quality of our national Life, to reflect on these vital issues.

About Author :

S.P. Agrawal (b. 1929) was Director, National Social Science Documentation Centre, ICSSR, and Member Secretary, Indian Association of Social Science Institutions. He was also the Vice-Chairman of the Asia and Pacific Information Network in Social Sciences (APINESS). In 1988 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education (Honoris Causa) by International University Foundation. Presently, he is Member, Round Table on Research in Reading, IFLA, and Member, International Committee for Social Science Information and Documentation. He is also Member of Board of Studies of National Archives of India and Hindi Advisory Committee, Ministry of Coal, Government of India. Born and brought up in the cradle of freedom movement which he joined at the tender age of twelve, he gained an insight into political problems and 'developed a sense of responsibility which bore fruit as an information scientist committed to Gandhiji's philosophy and action-plan in the field and its social concept. He. has written extensively on various aspects of education, Indian Polity and library and information science.

J.C. Aggarwal (b. 1928), has a varied experience in the field of education. He was Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of Education and Executive Director of Delhi Bureau of Text Books under Delhi Administration. He has organised and attended any conferences, seminars and workshops in education. Shri Aggarwal has authored more than seventy books on various aspects of social sciences.