Islamic Studies in India: A Survey of Human, Institutional and Documentry Sources

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  • Author :Mohamed Taher
  • Year of Publication :1991
  • ISBN: :9788170223597
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 172
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Anthropology, History, Religion, Sociology

About the Book :

Muslims in India first appeared in 8th century and opened a new age of indo-Muslim interaction. The study of this interaction in the context of historical, cultural and other dimensions requires access to vast resources human, documentary and institutional. There is a dearth of any kind of systematic users-oriented information in this area. Whatever exists, is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive. The present book is an attempt to initiate a process of bridging the wide gap between the resources and the potential users of this field. It is hoped that it will serve that it will serve multiple purposes. Primarily it will identify the various types and kinds of resources that are required for study and research and give way for tapping a larger world of hidden resources. The secondary purpose it will serve is of providing a base for large studies in this area: Survey of institutions identified (in terms of history of the institution, activities, services, publications, contact persons, specialists, etc.) and also survey of documents enlisted, for in depth qualitative and quantitative studies. This book is useful for historians, sociologists, Indologists, Islamologists, Orientalists, etc. and many more scholars in the world of learning.

About Author :

Mohamed Taher (b. 1955), is presently an information scientist and consultant in the Middle East. During all theses years Dr. Taher has conducted extensive surveys of libraries in USA, UK, India, Middle East, and continues search for user friendly libraries, a rare commodity in the Third world. He is also resource person and associated with various international institutions and academies. Being exposed to Internet and net training programmes, he has developed expertise in web page development, as well as, in the area of indexing of the Internet sites and other electronic publications. He is presently working towards bridging the gaps between the information haves and the have nots. To fulfil this idea he is developing simple processes, that would ease accessing information and called as, gateway or directory, one sample at: Aimed at "save the time of the surer", it presents a short cut to find relevant information for a student, researcher, and scholar in the field of American studies. Such gateways are being planned in other fields.