Nehru and Planning in India: Proceedings of the National Seminar on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Planning Commission and Planned Development in India

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About the Book :

Here is a rich haul of articles on Nehru, his multi-coloured, many dimensional personality and the planned economy of India by academicians so distinction. The collection is not a bouquet of parasitic adulations; rather it seeks to put the reader on a process of sincere self-introspection and rigorous self-criticism; the collection draws our attention to the little done and the vast undone. It offers a history of India freedom movement from a perspective that is a departure from the traditional and the official. It presents an objective assessment of our greatness and glory and our moments of achievement. But it does not cease there. It refers also to our various pitfalls, our limitations, our failures leading to the country disintegration and driving the land into the abyss of darkness. The collection aims at enthusing the readers to strive to build a new India shorn of deceit, duplicity and demagogy. That will be the best tribute to the Man with socialist commitments, the man Alive and the Man Immortal.

About Author :

N.B. Das Gupta (b. 1924) M.A. Ph. D. Former Reader and Head of the Department of English, M.M.H. College Ghaziabad, author of seven books; a regular contributor to different journals on literary, social and economic topics.

J.L. Raina (b. 1937) obtained his Ph. D. in Sociology from the institute of Social Sciences, Agra University, Currently, Dr. Raina is Head, Department of Sociology, M.M.H. (P.G.) College, Gahziabad.

H.M. Jauhari (b. 1940) M.A., M.A.S., LL, B, Labour and Taxation Law consultant.

B.M. Jauhari (b. 1942) M.A. Ph.D. Head of Economics Department, M.M.H. College, contributed about 30 articles in various journals and books, completed two U.G.C. research projects. He is also a visiting faculty to Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad.