Library and Information Science: Emerging Trends

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  • Author :M. Esperanza
  • Year of Publication :1995
  • ISBN: :9788170225423
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 199
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Library Sciences

About the Book :

This book attempts to bring out the vital importance and effectiveness of the Library System in Modern Libraries. Libraries today are the power houses of Information and Technology which has given rise to revolutionary changes. As new technologies engulf the information field of today better man-power becomes all the more relevant if our libraries have gear at being automated. Libraries are agents of Information and as such have a very Important role to dessiminate knowledge in all the fields of learning for they are basically linked up with the social welfare of its people. Both Educational System as well as the Library System in our country needs to be reformed in order to meet the needs of modern readers of all types. The research study made by the authoress of various types of libraries brings to light the many deficiencies which are mainly due to lack of financial assistance. Many modern trends and time-saving devices and techniques are put forth in this volume, to help in avoiding back lags, to bring about a better uniformity and a greater efficiency in the library works. Figures and statistical tables highlight certain statements and library functions. They stress the point that if modern libraries are to be agents of social change and functions as Centres of Information in the country, they need the support of Government authorities.

About Author :

M. Esperanza, A.C. is the author of two other publications namely, Public and Academic Libraries in 1991 and Perspectives of Library Movement in India in 1994. She has also co-edited the Volume on Dimensions of Library and information science- Kaula Festchrift in 1990. Sister Esperanza Qualified herself in B. Lib. Information Science from Patna University, securing 1st Division with First Rank. She has contributed richly of her knowledge on various aspects of Library Management and Organisation as well as of other library activities at several conferences organized by I.L.A., AIACHE and IASLIC, held at My sore, Madras, Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Benaras, Trichur, Trivandrum, Lucknow, Patna and other places in India. The Papers presented are published in the respective Saminar Volumes. The authoress has also organized Workshops, Library Orientation Programmes, Book Exhibitions, Symposia and Talks on the use of library to conscientize the various types of readers and users of libraries for a better use of library materials and to encourage reading habits among them. Besides, several talks have been delivered by the authoress on practical managerial and organizational techniques to experienced Librarians Region wise and All India Level. Sister Esperanza has also been a recipient of an International Award on February 9, 1994, for all her services as Librarian at Patna Women College, making the library of Appreciative Excellence and a Model College Library as stated by the U.G.C. Visiting Team. At Present Sister Esperanza is working as Librarian at Patna Women College. Apart from her regular work, she is also engaged in research work on libraries in Christian Institutions, the Volume on which will be published in due time.