Thoughts of Gandhi and Vinoba: A Comparative Study

Gandhian Studies and Peace Research Series
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  • Author :K.S. Bharathi
  • Year of Publication :1995
  • ISBN: :9788170225430
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 147
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Gandhian Studies, Political Science

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About the Book :

Books on Gandhi and Vinoba abound. But hardly any one of them offers a comperhensive discussion of Gandhi and Vinoba. A significant attemp has been made in this book to bring about a comparion between Gandhi and Vinoba. Vinoba most legitimately and appropriately claims to follow not Gandhi the man, but Gandhi the IDEA. To-day almost everyone in India concedes that Vinoba is the nearest and truest follower of Gandhi. The author disusses about the life and work's of Gnadhi and Vinoba in the first chapter. Philosophical thought of Gandhi and Vinoba in the second chapter, Ethical thought of Gandhi and Vinoba in the third chapter, Social thought of Gandhi and Vinoba in the fourth chapter, Economic thought of Gandhi and Vinoba in the fifth chapter. Political thought of Gandhi and Vinoba in the sixth chapter, and Educational thought of Gandhi and Vinoba in the last chapter. This book will prove useful not only for all students of Gandhian Thought, Philosophy, Political Science, Social Work Economics, Educaiton and Sociology but also for the general readers.

About Author :

K.S. Bharathi did his Master's Degree in Gandhian Thought, Peace-Science, Economics, and political Science. He also did Postgraduate Diplimas in Politics, Public Administraion, Population Dynamics, Gandhian Thought, Tourism, adn Teluge. He has contributed some articles in learned journals. He is the author of : Foundations of Gandhian Thought Gandhi and Humanity; Socio Religious Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi; The philosphy of Sarvodaya; The Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi; Gandhi and Nehru ; Foundatoins of Ambedkar Thought; The Social Philosphy of Mahatma Gandhi' Gandhian Approach to Rural Development; The Relevance of Gandhi' Gandhi and Vinoba; The Philosophical Foundation of Gandhian Thought; The political Thought of Gandhi; The Economic Thought of Gandhi; The Social Thought of Gandhi and The Quintessence and Chronology of Gandhi. At present, he is the Head of the Postgraduate Department of Gandhian Thought of Nagpur University. He is the Chairman of the Board of Studies of Gandhian Thought, member of the Academic Council, member of the Faculty of Social Science, member of the Board of Examination and member of the Doctoral Research Committee of Nagpur University.