• Forest Resources Conservation and Regeneration: A Study of West Bengal Plateau

Forest Resources Conservation and Regeneration: A Study of West Bengal Plateau

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  • Author :Anita Roy Mukherjee
  • Year of Publication :1995
  • ISBN: :9788170225621
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 185
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Energy, Environmental Science, Forestry

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About the Book :

At present there is a general awareness that forestry is a principal prop of development in areas where physical and social conditions preclude traditional development activities. The shrinkage in forest areas today has become a severe problem from ecological and economic point of view. The book deals with the lateritic tracts of West Bengal where forest cover is moderate, but with a high potential for rural development through appropriate forestry related activities, uncertain agriculture and lack of industry within the core of the zone has condemned the area to a perpetual state of economic depression. Formerly a substantial area was covered with mixed forest but now due to influx of population and associated activities rapid depletion of forest have taken palace. Deforestation is also done b the tribal population who are the inhabitants of this region and largely depends on forest for their sustenance. For the past apathy of government and other bodies, forest has so far been considered merely as residual landuse. But recently government has recognised the importance of this sector in rural development and decided to bring it back through implementation of schemes as afforestation, social forestry, Drought Prone Area Programme, Integrated Tribal Development Project and host of other schemes. The book how ever took into consideration the traditional forestry as well as social forestry concepts within this lateritic tract of Bengal. Social forestry is a comparatively new concept. So this field is vastly unexplored. This book happen to be the first on dealing with the achievement of social forestry in West Bengal. Case studies have been made in support of the relevance of the Project. This book objectively examines the varied issues relating to forestry. This may help those who are interested to make plan for the development of rural India.

About Author :

Anita Roy Mukherjee is M.A. Ph.D. in Geography, Calcutta University. She was a research fellow of I.C.S.S.R. She worked as a senior research fellow in the Central Board for the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution. Formerly she was the lecturer of Geography in Gokhale Memorial Girls College Calcutta. Now the author is engaged as the Head of the Department of Geography in a degree college in Domjur, Howrah. At present she has under taken a Project sanctioned by the I.C.S.S.R. on Social forestry an instrument for the development of rural economy in Midnapur District (West Bengal)"A Case Study". She has to her credit a number of articles in reputed journals of Geography. She has a long experience in rural economics, rural development etc. The study includes door to door survey in the forest villages. This uphill task was completed by the author through prolonged pains-taking field works in these remote areas.