Farmers Participation in Agricultural Research and Extension Systems

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About the Book :

The Study reviews the existing structure of agricultural extension and research and their operations in different ecological zones, proposes options for improving farmer participation in research and extension and suggests measures to improve quality management and cost effectiveness. It explores issues like the reorganization of institutional processes to make them flexible and responsive, approaches and methods that encourage functional participation vis-a-vis empowerment of farmer organizations, and the need to embed the reforms into the extension and research system management .The recommendations given, attempt to define a conceptual framework that sketches strategic options most likely to make extension and research systems farmer participatory and client accountable.

About Author :

The National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, (MANAGE) at Hyderabad, is an apex Institute set up under the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India in 1987 MANAGE has a mission to facilitate the Extension Officers, Managers, Scientists and Administrators in all sectors of the agricultural economy to acquire managerial and Technical skills that would enable them to provide most effective support and services to farmers and fishermen for practicing Sustainable Agriculture.