Human Values (The): A Task for All

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  • Author :M.R. Chilana, M.L. Dewan
  • Year of Publication :1998
  • ISBN: :9788170226604
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 212
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Ethics and Values, Extension Education

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About the Book :

This book focuses on the theoretical background of values in the framework of education. It goes further to provide the readers through description of how nine distinguished institutions in India are working in this area. Efforts of these institutions have been appreciated not only by concerned persons of the respective systems but due recognition has been given by premier education institutes like University Grants Commission, National Council for Educational Research and Training and other national and state organisations. Above all some of these studies were sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development. The Planning Commission took great advantage from the recommendations of these studies. Another significant feature of the book is that it does not stop with the theoretical explanations and statements of actual practices, but it ventures to give an outline of an action plan. This, further, is not merely a Utopia, but it is written for pilot trial in a premier educational system of Kendriya Vidyalayas so it has a lot of significance for adoption/adaptation by individuals as well groups of institutions. However, editors and authors can hardly claim to be perfect. The publication is only an humble attempt to satisfy them in the discharge of their obligation to the society which they feel has given so much to them. Critical Comments by the readers will be most welcome.

About Author :

Mulk Raj Chilana, Consultant school of Practical Philosophy, Johannesberg, South Africa. Formerly Professor of Education, National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi and Deputy Education Adviser, Govt. of India. A scholar and senior Research Fellow of UNESCO for two years for studies abroad. Also British Council Fellow for one year for research and post-graduate work in England. On study tours and visiting Professor in African, American, Asian and European countries. Research Guide and Examiner of doctoral and post-graduate research candidates. Undertook research studies in value-oriented education in different countries. Holds unflinching belief that value education is panacea for social upliftment and individual flowering. Life-long education being his cherished point of action, he has focused on assisting teachers in their consciousness raising and self actualization. Also gives high priority to international cooperation for building up global perspective in all educational acturties. As founder president of Servitors Association of Value Education, Prof Chilana is committed to heed, assist and reach to all necessitous calls.

Madan Lal Dewan (Ph.D., Cornell), a well-known Soil Scientist, started work on soil conservation in Damodar Valley Corporation during 1949-52. He had a distinguished career with Food and Agriculture Organisation for over three decades (1953-83). He worked as Chief of the FAO Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific. He had FAO assignments  in Iran and Bulgaria and was at FAO Headquarters in Rome for 14 years. Dr. Dewan was visiting Professor and Co-ordinator of Himalayan Eco-System Programme with Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. He was a member of the National Land Use and Conservation Board of Government of India during 1984-87. He is founder Chairman and Trustee of Himcon and has established a Centre Himalaya Sanrakashan Ashram at Ranichauri, District Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Soil of Iran, Soil Conservation of Iran, Agriculture and Rural Development in India, Peoples Participation and Rejuvenation of Himalayan Environment and ten other books are amongst his published works, in addition to more than 100 papers on various aspects of soils, soil conservation, land and water development.