• Learning To Share: Experiences and Reflections on PRA and Community Participation (Volume-1)

Learning To Share: Experiences and Reflections on PRA and Community Participation (Volume-1)

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About the Book :

Today, with community participation holding centre stage of development activities, many professionals are changing their earlier "top down" stance and adopting participatory learning methodologies at the field level for interacting with local communities and learning from them. Such participatory learning by professional are taking place under diverse conditions in multitude of ways which are relatively unstructured, flexible and innovative. The present book shares such participatory learning experiences and reflections of a group of Professional who are engaged in embracing the paradigm shift taking place in the sphere of development. The book is a collection of thirteen papers and note the field in the area of community participation. While some of the papers in this book relate to Participatory Rural appraisal (PRA), other papers are a blend of Rapid rural Appraisal (RRA) and PRA, some others are based on participatory research methodology and a few have combined direct observation with Participatory methods. The papers present varied issues communication with children, participatory teaching-learning process, learning from women, political participation, participatory extension and sustainability, community interactive processes, ethics in participation, participatory conflict resolution and organizational capacity building in grassroots participation. The book is meant for development professionals, governmental and non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, action researchers and other involved in the area of community participation.

About Author :

Neela Mukherjee, is currently working as a development practitioner, researcher, trainer and a resource person to multiple organizations, both India and abroad. She is associated with a Delhi-based enterprise called "Development Tracks, RTC" involved in cutting-edge research, consultancy and training activities. Formerly, a Professor of Economics at the LBS National Academy of Administration Mussoorie, India and an alumna of the London School of Economics and Political Science, London, her major areas of current research include participatory and sustainable development practices, community perspectives, empowerment and livelihood related issues. She has written extensively in her areas of interest. Her books include "Participatory Rural Appraisal, Methodology and Applications" (1993), "Questionnaire Survey & Participatory Rural Appraisal" (1995), "Participatory Appraisal of Natural Resources" (1997) and "Participatory Learning and Action with 100 Field Methods" (2002) published by Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi. Her present book "Alternative Perspectives on Livelihoods, Agriculture and Air Pollution, agriculture in urban and peri-urban areas in a developing country" published in 2001 by Ashgate Publishing Co., U.K. describes community perspectives on the impact of air pollution as an agricultural, economic and societal concern. Dr. Mukherjee is also the editor of a series on "Learning to Share" of which, two volumes (1997 and 2000) have been published by Concept Publishing Company, Delhi. Dr. Mukherjee other professional interest include multilateral negotiations at the World Trade Organization, trade barriers and developing countries, environmental impact assessment for policy implications and political economy of greenhouse gases. She has researched, lectured and conducted workshops worldwide and has written a number of books and papers in both national and international journals.

Meera Jayaswal is a Doctorate in Psychology and is an experienced field researcher in participatory approaches and has been associated with many development research projects in India. She is a PRA practitioner and has a large number of research publications to her credit. Apart from writing research papers she has co-edited Learning to Share Volume 1 by Concept Publishing Company and co-authored Alternative Perspectives on Livelihoods, Agriculture and Air Pollution-Agriculture in urban and peri-urban areas in a developing country, SOAS Studies in Development Geography, Ashgate Publishing Co., U.K. and Concept, Delhi. Her other research interests include tribal health, education and reproductive health. She has conducted field studies for DFID Livelihood Scoping Study in West Bengal and also undertook extensive fieldwork for CARE India Concurrent Effect Assessment of Super Cyclone rehabilitation project in Orissa supported by DFID.