Encyclopaedia of Eminent Thinkers: The Political Thought of Vivekananda (Volume-8)

Encyclopaedia of Eminent Thinkers
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  • Author :K.S. Bharathi
  • Year of Publication :1998
  • ISBN: :9788170227090
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 107
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Education, Encyclopedia, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration

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About the Book :

There are many Indian thinkers who have contrubuted a great deal to the political thought of the country. In these initial 10 volumes, an effort has been made to bring together keen players and their significant contributions to the political thought of India in an unbiased way. The arughors included in htis series are giants by themselves in the sociopolitical arena of the country. The setprovides an insight and critical evaluation of the political thinkers. A significant attemp has been made in this book to make a comprehensice study of the Political Thought of Vivekananda. To understand fully the implications of Vivekananada's ideas is a tremendous task. The author in this book makes an bonest endeavour to present his view in a lucid manner. It studies in detail: Life and Work of Vivekananada, Influences on Vivekananada, Vivekananada - A Revivalist of Reformer, Eternal Values in Vivekananada, On Religion, On Society ande State, On Socialism and On Ideal Society and Ideal Stare This book a treasure for all teachers, scholars and students of Political Science, and Social Work; all university, college, legislative, judicial, public and other libraries in India and abroad and for all those interested in the study of Political Science. In nut-shell, shell, this book will be of great importance to all.

About Author :

K.S. Bharathi did his Master's Degree in Gandhian Thought, Peace-Science, Economics, and political Science. He also did Postgraduate Diplimas in Politics, Public Administraion, Population Dynamics, Gandhian Thought, Tourism, adn Teluge. He has contributed some articles in learned journals. He is the author of : Foundations of Gandhian Thought Gandhi and Humanity; Socio Religious Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi; The philosphy of Sarvodaya; The Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi; Gandhi and Nehru ; Foundatoins of Ambedkar Thought; The Social Philosphy of Mahatma Gandhi' Gandhian Approach to Rural Development; The Relevance of Gandhi' Gandhi and Vinoba; The Philosophical Foundation of Gandhian Thought; The political Thought of Gandhi; The Economic Thought of Gandhi; The Social Thought of Gandhi and The Quintessence and Chronology of Gandhi. At present, he is the Head of the Postgraduate Department of Gandhian Thought of Nagpur University. He is the Chairman of the Board of Studies of Gandhian Thought, member of the Academic Council, member of the Faculty of Social Science, member of the Board of Examination and member of the Doctoral Research Committee of Nagpur University.