Sociological Constraints to Industrial Development in North East India

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  • Author :B. Datta Ray, Prabin Baishya
  • Year of Publication :1998
  • ISBN: :9788170227335
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 273
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Economics, North East Indian Studies, Sociology

About the Book :

North-East India is struggling with the problems of ecomomics development. The entire Norh-East India is caught up in a low producivity and low income syndrome in all sectors of Economic development. The value system of the societies of the different ethinic and cultural group of North-East India are mostly grounded to fatalism based on continuity and traditions, customs and usage. The potentialities created by modern science and technology are either not really known or not readily available or bot systematically applied owing to the advice to preserve the tradiotin and geritage. The population is growing markets are expanding and consumerism has caught imaginaion of the expanding middle class. There is an urgent need to identify the factors inhibiting the emergence of local entrepreneurship in different sectors among the ethnic groups of North-East India societies. Is the quantum of capital made available since 1950 for industrialisation adquate? Or are the non-economic factors like the traditional soft-life style and the attitude of the bulk of the indugenous people, their surrender of fatalism responsible for this lack of economic development of North-East India? The papers presented to the seminar analyse the issue in a social perspective based on field data of the contemporary divergent socienties in North-East India. Sociological constrainsts to economic development are not insurmountable. North-East India should learn from the success and failures of industrial development especially from the developing countries.

About Author :

B. Datta Ray is a veteran freedom fighter, a tamrapatra holder and a social scientist. He is the founder Secretary of North East India Council for Social Science Research since 1974.

Prabin Baishya a former Principal of S.B.M.S. College, Sualkuchi, Assam is a well-known economist and a analyst of North East India economics and industrial growth. He is well-known writer and his analytical papers are published in economics Journals and Magazines including Economic and Political Weekly.