Dimensions of Development: Analysis of an Underdeveloped State (Volume 1)

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  • Author :K.N. Prasad
  • Year of Publication :1998
  • ISBN: :9788170227410
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XVIII, 548
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Sociology

About the Book :

Being the first treatise in a multi-volume series (each Vol. self-contained) addressed to the dimensions of development, keeping All-India, Bihar and the relevant other States in the forefront, during a period from 1947 to the present day, this book is the first ever attempt by a scholar noted for his over five decades of teaching, research and publication to produce a work which presents between its two covers a succinct and compact, and yet a comprehensive and persuasive, account of agriculture in all its varied facets, blending harmoniously facts with statistics, culled out discreetly and astutely from numerous sources, analysis with policy, information with interpretation marked by critical acumen and penetrating perceptiveness, in a language which is through-cut clear, familiar and lucid, and thereby embellishing and furbishing the knowledge and thought on the subject, compiled with difficulty being scattered and unorganised, and hence adding substantially to the utility and relevance of this book. It is our hope that this book, which fills on old void, i.e., its forte, would prove immensely useful to those students who have to appear at college and university examinations, scholars who have to write dissertations for their research degrees, men of practical affairs who are required to debate issues related to agricultural development of a low-income State and, finally, administrators who are called upon to formulate policies and programmes and execute them at the grassroots level.

About Author :

K.N. Prasad was educated at Patna University and Cambridge University culminating in the Ph. D. degree in Economics from the latter in 1960. EH attended in 1955 the Advanced Refresher Course in Economics, organised jointly by the International Economic Association and the Indian Economic Association in Poona. Dr. Prasad joined the Bihar Education Service as lecturer in Economics in 1949. He was appointed Reader in Economics in 1949. He was appointed Reader in Economics in 1962 and University professor of Economics in 1964. He was Head of the Economics Department, Patna College (Bihar oldest and premier college) for about 12 years. He was Principal of the college for four years. He was Head of the Department of Economics of Patna University during 1979-89. He was also Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Patna University. He was Vice-Chancellor of the university twice, first in 1979 and then in 1985. He retired as University Professor and Head of the Department of Economics of Patna University in 1989. After retirement, he was Member of the Bihar State Planning Board and Member of the Second Bihar Irrigation Commission till August 1994. Professor Prasad is an author of several well-known books and research papers and has produced a large number of Ph. D.s under his supervision. He was associated with a number of State-level and a few national committees and commissions as well as the academic and the administrative bodies of several universities. He has travelled widely abroad and lectured in several foreign universities.