Commercial Activities and Development in the Ganga Basin

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  • Author :V.K. Shrivastava
  • Year of Publication :1999
  • ISBN: :9788170227793
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 504
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Economics, Geography

About the Book :

The book embodies the proceedings of the symposium on the Role of Commercial Activities in the Economic Development of the Ganga Basin organised in January, 1990, at the University of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur. The symposium was held under the auspices of the International Geographical Union Commission on Geography of commercial Activities. The symposium focused on the Ganga Basin covering Bangladesh, India and Nepal and thus turned out to be an international symposium. While the Ganga Basin has been one of the cradles of civilization, it is the most populated and yet the economically most backward part of the world. The rich heritage of the area and the deep involvement of scientists and researchers in its multifarious activities generated a number of papers which were organised under five themes, i.e. Commercialization of Agriculture, Agro-Industries, Infrastructure and Human Resources, Environment and Economic Development. The book is expected to provide a deep insight into the utility of an integrated thematic approach to the geographical study of the role of commercial activities in the development of the Ganga Basin and should prove useful to readers, inspiring methodology to researchers and new dimensions of planning to administrators.

About Author :

V.K. Shrivastava is a Professor of Geography at the University of Gorakhpur, Gorakhpur, India, with a teaching and research experience of over three decades. He has written and edited more than a dozen text- books and research monographs. He is currently the Chairman of the International Geographical Union Commission (IGU) on Geography of Commercial Activities. Also, he heads the NAGI Commission on Geography of Marketing in India. In addition to attending a number of conferences in India and abroad, Dr. Shrivastava has organised four I.G.U. International Conferences at Gorakhpur and three in France, Japan and Czech Republic. He is the Chief Editor of the Indian Journal of Marketing Geography since its foundation in 1983, which is an internationally known journal.