Geography of a Himalayan Kingdom: Bhutan

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About the Book :

Geography of Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan deals with the quintessential physical and social (cultural) resources of the country in developmental perspective. It begins with a brief history that unfolds recorded and conjectural facts about the past and also the development in recent times. This old Asian country being locked between two great neighbours, India and China, in the main has come to the limelight of global interest with the active effort of India. Subsequent chapters highlight all round economic progress through Five Year Plans, health and education policies and social characteristics of the people in rural and urban planning.

About Author :

Neil Fraser studied at Oxford University. After two years as a Research Fellow in Leicester University he moved to the Department of Social Policy in Edinburgh University, where he has lectured since 1971. He is the author of the following books Investment Decisions in Nationalised industries (with R. Bates), Cambridge UP, "Economic Policy Analysis: A Rights-based Approach" (with H. Neuburger), Avebury, and "Childcare in a Modern Welfare System" (with B. Cohen), Institute for Public Policy Research, and a number of academic articles. His research has included work in health economics, on employment policies, and on social development.

Anima Bhattacharya, MA (Calcutta University), MA (London School of Economics), retired from North Bengal University as a Professor of Geography. On return from studying in London she was attached to a research wing of Calcutta University for a short time. She joined North Bengal University in 1966 as a Lecturer in Geography and then served the University continuously until her retirement. He has written the following books, 'Population Geography of India', 'Samaj Bijnaniya Bhugol' ('Social Geography in Bengali with B. Bhattacharya'), 'Paschim Banga' (West Bengal), a study of its physical and social environment, in Begali), and edited two books of papers from seminars she organised. She is still attached academically to Calcutta University, Gauhati University, and North Bengal University.

Bimalendu Bhattacharya, educated at Calcutta University and at the London School of Economics and Political Science (as a Commonwealth Scholar), has consistently pursued a career of teaching and research, having taught in many institutes, including Gauhati University (Assam), Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur IIT, West Bengal), Presidency College (now University), Kolkata, and the University of North Bengal (West Bengal), at the last of which he had been a Senior Professor, Head of the Department as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Science. His research in Geography spans a large area with publications in India and abroad, and a number of books including 'Samaj Bignaniya Bhugol' (Social Geography in Bengali) jointly with Professor Anima Bhatthacharya, published by the West Bengal Government, 'Urban Development in India: Since Pre-Historic Times' (New Delhi), 'Sikkim: Land and People' (New Delhi), 'Geography of a Himalayan Kingdom: Bhutan' in joint authorship with A. Bhattacharya and Neil Fraser (New Delhi), 'Urbanization, Urban Sustainability and the Future of Cities' (New Delhi), 'Geography of Deprivation: An Unfair World' (New Delhi) and 'Global Urban Process: Growth of Towns and Cities' (New Delhi).