Fundamentals of Extension Education and Management in Extension

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  • Author :K.A. Jalihal, V. Veerabhadraiah
  • Year of Publication :2007
  • ISBN: :9788180693489
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XII, 312
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  • Categories: Education, Fisheries and Zoology, Management

About the Book :

This book tries to explain the different aspects of extension education and management in extension. Analysing the fundamentals of extension education, part one discusses at length the concept of extension, role of local leaders in agricultural extension, needs of farmers and ways to motivate them, teaching methods, functions and responsibilities of extension subject matter specialists, and the role of people participation in extension programme planning in villages. Dealing with the management in extension, part two provides elaborate discussion on principles of management in agricultural extension, functions of administration, leadership styles, motivation of extension workers, factors' influencing the performance of individuals, training of extension personnel and implementation of public programmes in agriculture. The book will be useful for students, field extension supervisors and grassroots extension workers.

About Author :

K.A. Jalihal, He started his service as lecturer in agronomy, Agricultural College, Dharwad in 1947 and has subsequently worked as (a) Superintendent of Agricultural School, (b) Assistant Professor of Agronomy in Pune Agricultural College, (c) Head of the Tobacco Research Station at Nippani, Belgaum district, (d) Professor of Agronomy and Extension in the Bangalore Agricultural College. He was the first Registrar of UAS, Bangalore in 1965 and then worked as Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Extension from 1966 to 1975. For a period of 12 years he worked as Director of Extension and he was responsible for adoption of many new innovations in Agriculture by farmers in Karnataka. He was also in charge of Deans post in the U.A.S. Bangalore before bifurcation in 1987. He has published more than 100 research papers and guided eight Ph. D. and 16 M. Sc. students in Agricultural Extension.

V. Veerabhadraiah (born on the 5th May 1945) has served in various capacities in the UAS, Bangalore as Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Regional Co-ordinator of National Demonstration Project of ICAR, Head of the Department in Agricultural Extension and Director of Extension. He is currently serving as the Emeritus Scientist in Agricultural Extension of the ICAR at UAS, Bangalore. Dr. Veerabhadraiah has published 200 papers and three books. He is a fellow of the Indian Society of Extension Education and recipient of O.P. Dahama Memorial Award for excellent achievement in extension teaching and training and also recipient of G.S. Vidyarthi Award for excellence in field of extension work. Also, he was a member of the Scientific Panel on Extension of the ICAR.