• Ethics and Society: An Essay in Applied Ethics

Ethics and Society: An Essay in Applied Ethics

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  • Author :P.K. Mohapatra
  • Year of Publication :2008
  • ISBN: :9788180695230
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 246
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Ethics and Values, Extension Education

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About the Book :

The book examines the nature of relation between ethics and society. It shows how ethical theories can be fruitfully applied to practical life and can effectively deal with social problems like those concerning rights and justice, ethical issues in business and the professions as well as matters relating to the environment. Sketching the nature of applied ethics, it goes on to address to the theoretical issue of objectivity of ethical theories and moral reasons. Its distinctive contention that ethical theories and moral principles are necessary but defeasible runs consistently throughout the book and helps clarify the described problems and solutions thereof. Defeasibility of ethical theories goes hand in hand with the author's plea for justified violations of ethical theories by a reasoned balance of the spirit of the principles and the demands of the situation. The author's unique conception of moral personhood and his use of various strands of scholarship go a long way to buttress his argued contention of the relation of ethics to society. Ethics and Society will benefit teachers, students, researchers and all those interested in moral philosophy, social and political philosophy and practical ethics.

About Author :

P.K. Mohapatra retired as Professor of Philosophy from Utkal University where he taught for 35 years. Soon after his retirement, he was a Senior Fellow of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research from October 2002 to September 2004. A specialist in Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Values, he has also authored two other books entitled Personal Identity and Concepts and Problems and edited six books, prominent among them being, Social Justice, Purusarthas and Perspectives in Analytic Philosophy. A good number of his articles have been published in reputed journals of philosophy in India and abroad. Dr. Mohapatra was the Vice Chairman of the Indian Philosophical Congress during 1994-97 and the General President of the All Orissa Philosophy Association in 1998. He is the Executive President of this Association since 1998. Also, he was the General Editor of Utkal Studies in Philosophy from 1994-2002.