Globalization Issues at the Grassroots

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  • Author :G. Palanithurai, R. Ramesh
  • Year of Publication :2008
  • ISBN: :9788180695117
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 380
  • Size: 25 cms
  • Categories: Panchayati Raj, Political Science

About the Book :

The subject globalization is divisive, and the issues it brings about are discordant especially to those who are working for the cause of defeating disparity in the society. There are contentions put forth that globalization is for the moneyed and the knowledgeable and that it does not serve the purpose of ensuring economic equality or achieving social justice. Many of these statements made come from abstract thinking, gut feeling and at the most from the analysis of macro level scenarios that is emerging either within India or from countries that have attempted implementing the neo-liberal economic policies. However, there is hardly any evidence of empirical research undertaken to shift the rhetoric from grounded reality to speak authentically what is globalization delivering to the poor. This book fills that gap. All the chapters in this book are based on empirical research on each of the controversial issue that globalization has brought about in Tamil Nadu. The basic premises or the trigger to initiate these studies have been voices, with a tinge of globalization policies, from various villages of Tamil Nadu during post-liberalization era. The focus of analysis and discussions has been if liberalization policies and the globalization process benefit the rural poor in general and rural pursuits in particular. Each chapter covers one area of rural sector with a view to figure out the changes and the results of the changes that are taking place in a given sector under the changing politico-economic milieu of the country. It also gives a set of suggestions to initiate grassroots level action that can help enhance the benefits and reduce the dangers of globalization. Those interested in understanding the grassroots level realities as a corollary of globalization would find this book interesting and immensely useful.

About Author :

Ganapathy Palanithurai, Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Panchayati Raj studies, Department of Political Science and Development Administration, Gandhigram Rural Institute—Deemed University, Gandhigram is an academic activist working with academic community, civil society, policy community and political community to impress upon them the importance and need of democratic local governance in India to enable the poor to lead a decent dignified human life. All his academic, research and outreach activities are being supported by an array of funding agencies namely the World Bank, the UNDP, the UNICEF, the Hunger Project, SDC, DANIDA, Action Aid International, the Ford Foundation, Population Foundation of India, the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, Toolkit Foundation—Netherland, Ministry of Panchayati Raj and State Planning Commission. He was a visiting Professor in Cologne University, Germany. He has to his credit seventy three books, 126 research articles, 112 popular articles in popular newspapers, 83 monographs published in a span of three decades. He is the coordinator of UGC-SAP and UGC innovative programme. He held several administrative positions like Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Dean, Student's Welfare, Member, Syndicate, Member Senate, Member, and Academic Council in Gandhigram Rural Institute. He was and is member of many advisory committees of the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu pertinent to local government and rural development.

R. Ramesh (1968) did his Ph.D. in Rural Development from the Gandhigram Rural University. He served as a Training Expert for the DANIDA on water and sanitation. He also served as a Project Officer for the Terre des Hommesa Netherlands based NGO. A proposal he wrote on "Establishing Community-managed Domestic Water Supply System" won for Gandhigram Trust the World Banks India country Level Development Marketplace Award-2004. He has co-authored with Prof. G. Palanithurai a book titled : Globalization Issues at the Grassroots and Analysing Community Problems Tentacles of PRA Methodology and Standpoints on Globalization. He has published around 20 articles, five of them in international journals. He is currently working as Assistant Professor of Rural Development at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia.