Anthropology Development and Nation Building

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  • Author :A.K. Kalla, K.S. Singh
  • Year of Publication :1987
  • ISBN: :9788170220015
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: X, 290
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Anthropology, Political Science

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About the Book :

In the colonial period, ethnographers generated information about people and their customs for the benefit of raj. After independence, anthropologists have got together frequently to explore the relevance of their studies to the growing challenge of development. In recent years, path-breaking researches have been undertaken in the field of physical anthropology, which are immensely relevant to the task of upgrading the status of health and nutrition for a vast number of our people living below the level of poverty. Similarly in the area of social and cultural anthropology a good deal of work has been done that offers valuable insight into our people's traditions, attitude and behaviour which are now considered as an essential social input in planning and development. Accordingly, a National Seminar on 'Anthropology in the Service of Nation' was jointly organised on 1921 November, 1986 by the Indian Anthropological Association and the Anthropological Survey of India to explore together the latest trends of research which have significant implications for the urgent task of nation building in all its aspects. This volume contains the papers presented by the participants in the Seminar. The papers fall into five major concerns. These felate to health and nutrition, genetic structure and well-being of weaker sections, problems of women and children. development of backward areas and backward communities, conservation of ecology and environment and inter-relationship of ethnicity, secularism, sommunal harmony and national integration. These researches are symbolic of the Indian anthropologist's commitment to nation building.

About Author :

A.K. Kalla (b.1942) is a Reader in the Department of Anthropology of the University of Delhi, and has suceeded late Prof. L.P. Vidyarthi, as President of Indian Anthropological Association (Regd.) Dr. Kalla is the author of the book "Kaahmiri Pandits and their Diversity" and about 40 research articles published in Indian are international hournals. He has directed U.G.C. sponsored research projects, and is presently directing an Indo-German research project on "Anthropological Study of Variaiton in Cranlo Spinal Fusion". Dr. Kalla was invited by the Seventh Internatonal Congress of Human Genetics (Berlin - Sept. 21-26, 1986) to present an invited paper.

K.S. Singh (b.1935) has spent many yers sercing and studying backward communtites in middle India. He was fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla (1970) and Jawaharlal Nehru Fellow (1970-72). As Director of the Anthropological Survey of Inganised many all-India surveys to generate the profiles of tribal society. He has written about 200 papers and reports and three books: Birsa Munda and His Movement in Chotanagpur, (1983) The Indian Famine (1967) : A study in Crisis and Change (1975), and Tribal Society of Indian (1985). He edited Tribal Situation in India (1976) for the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and two volumes on Tribal Movements and Economies of the TRibes and thier Transformation. He has also introduced W.G. Acher's Santal Laws and Justice (Concept 1983). Currently, he is Director-General of the Anthropological Survey of Indian.