Dhanapala and His Times: A Socio-Cultural Study Based Upon His Works

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  • Author :Ganga Prasad Yadava
  • Year of Publication :1982
  • ISBN: :9788170221661
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XIX, 176
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: History

About the Book :

This work is based on the writings of Dhunapala, an outstanding man of letters, who enjoyed the patronage of the Paramara rulers of Malwa,-Munja and Bhoja (l0th-lltli centuries A.P.). The works of Dhunapala, held up to an exhaustive critical examination for the first time in the present work, offer a valuable insight into the political, social, economic and religious conditions obtaining in the early medieval period of Indian history. Ohanapala's Tilaka manjari (which has provided the warp and woof of" tlie work) Is one of the most prized source books for constructing the cultural history of the times. In this work the Paramara dynasty has been brought under critical focus with a view to tracing the currents and cross-currents in political, social and religious Mrala of early medieval India. The work has been commended by scholars as an ideal dissertation for the cultural study of the works of a single author. Researchers in Indian history, Sanskrit, Jainism and indological studies should find it rewarding to go through it.

About Author :

Ganga Prasad Yadava (b. 1939) has had a brilliant academic career and is the recipient of several government and university scholarships and prizes. His postgraduate degree in History was from Agra University in 1961, after which he joined Digambar Jain College, Baraut and very soon became Head of the History Department in 1966. He was awarded a Ph. D. degree by Meeruf University in 1975. The present work was originally his doctoral dissertation. Dr. Yadava's special fields of interest are Sanskrit, Ancient Indian History and Culture and Jainology. The author of a number of research articles on Jainology, lie has also supervised the works of several doctoral candidates. He is currently engaged in the study of society and culture as depicted in Jain literature (c. A.p. 800 A.D. 1300). He has also written a work in Hindi on Adlumika Europe Kit llihasu which is expected to be released soon.