Job Attitudes in Indian Management: A Study in Need Deficiencies and Need Importance

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  • Author :Chittranjan N. Daftuar
  • Year of Publication :1982
  • ISBN: :0000000361
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 80
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  • Categories: Management

About the Book :

Job Attitudes in Indian Management this study deals with job attitudes, satisfaction and patterns and levels of job motives among Indian managers belonging to different hierarchies and to various sizes of industrial organizations. The motivational structure of Indian managers has been studied at length following Maslov line of need hierarchy. In the course of this certain new findings have emerged and these have been interpreted in terms of Indian situations and culture. The relative merits and demerits of small and big organizations have been pointed out and a new theory of organizational structure is propounded whereby the merits of both big and small organizations can be integrated and achieved. It has been suggested that perhaps the best way would be to Structure several smaller organizations within a large organization so that the disadvantages of large organizations, such as high level of bureaucratization, impersonal peer relations, etc., arc minimized and/or checked to an optimum level. The idea can be fruitfully utilized by researchers in the behavioral sciences and by practicing managers for a better and more effective management.

About Author :

Chittranajan N. Daftuar (b. 1945) received his early education at Gaya and Bihar-Sharif, Bihar, and higher education at Patna University and I. I. T., Kharagpur, and was trained in the technology of psychological test construction in cross-cultural settings with particular reference to underdeveloped countries at the Free University, Amsterdam, Holland. Daftuar has long experience and expertise in the area of industrial/organizational psychology and is one of the few experts of Human Factors Engineering in the Third World. He has published several research articles in Indian as well as foreign journals of repute and has had the previledge of presiding over a session on a topic related to applied experimental psychology in the 3rd Conference of the International Association of the Cross-Cultural Psychologists held at Tilburg (Holland) in 1976. He has taught industrial-organizational psychology in Magadb University for over a decade. Presently he is with M.S. University, Baroda, as Reader in Industrial Psychology.