Ramos of Arunachal (The): A Socio-Cultural Study

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  • Author :M.M. Dhasmana
  • Year of Publication :1979
  • ISBN: :0000000604
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: 300
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: History, North East Indian Studies, out of print, Political Science, Sociology

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About the Book :

India, the anthropologist’s paradise, is the home of innumerable tribes, both colourful and unique. Ensconced in the mountain fastnesses of the north-east, the Ramos, a hitherto unknown tribe, inhabit the areas known today as Arunachal Pradesh. Blessed by nature with an incredibly Beautiful country, the Ramos may well be designated as the ethnographic sentinels of the “cane and bamboo” Cultural group practicing shifting cultivation. Frequently thwarted in their ways by strong gusts of acculturation from the neighbouring Tibetan plateau, theirs is a curious amalgam of customs and beliefs from the near exophagous to the litholatrous.  The author had the unique experience of living among this picturesque people and this work is thus an empirical study and an end product of a long association with them. A well illustrated volume, It deals extensively with their origins, their pattern of settlement social institutions, economic pursuits, law, justice and religious rituals Lastly, it attempts to interpret the present day cultural turmoil in the light of its historical background. The book deals with a frontier area peopled by a sequestered tribe which alone should recommend it to the researcher in this field. Dhasmana’s work makes fascinating reading for the layman as well.

About Author :

M.M. Dhasmana (b. 1939) graduated with honours from Punjab University.  After completing his master degree at Allahabad University he took his doctorate from the University of Gauhati. A Distinguished scholar in several disciplines, his wanderlust led him to seek untrodden paths in the north-eastern region. The fruits of his long stay in the areas, his close association with the tribal people, and his knowledge of their dialects and socio-cultural environment, gave him the rapport needed for a socio-anthropological study of the little known tribes of the far-flung north-eastern regions. His other interests include high altitude trekking, orographic photography, Himalayan dialects, and ritualistic theraphy.