• Climate Change and Forests: Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities

Climate Change and Forests: Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities

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About the Book :

The Global Climate Change Problem has finally entered the worlds consciousness. While efforts to find a solution have increased momentum, international attention has focused primarily on the industrial and energy sectors. The forest, and land-use sector, however, remains one of the most significant untapped opportunities for carbon mitigation. The expiration of the Kyoto Protocols first commitment period in 2012 presents an opportunity for the international community to put this sector back on the agenda. In this timely, Wide-Ranging Volume, an international team of experts explains the links between climate change and forests, highlighting the potential utility of this sector within emerging climate policy frameworks and carbon markets. After framing forestry activities within the larger context of climate change policy, the contributors analyze the operation and efficacy of market based mechanisms for forest conservation and climate change. Drawing on Experiences from Around the World, the authors present concrete recommendations for policymakers, project developers, and market participants. They discuss sequestration rights in Chile, carbon offset programs in Australia and New Zealand, and emerging policy incentives at all levels of the U.S. government. The book also explores the different voluntary schemes for carbon crediting provides an overview of best practices in carbon accounting, and presents tools for use in future sequestration and offset programs. It concludes with consideration of various incentive options for slowing deforestation and protecting the world remaining forests. Climate Change and Forests provides a realistic view of the role that the forest and land-use sector can play in a post-Kyoto regime. It will serve as a practical reference manual for anyone concerned about climate policy, including the negotiators working to define a robust and enduring international framework for addressing climate change.

About Author :

Charlotte Streck is director of Climate Focus B.V., a Rotterdam-based consultancy on climate law and policy and the international carbon market. Previously she spent five years as senior legal counsel with the World Bank.

Robert O Sullivan heads the Climate Focus North America office. He previously worked in the World Bank Legal Department.


Toby Janson-Smithleads Conservation International Ecosystem Service Investments program and formerly directed the Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance.


Richard Tarasofsky is a legal counsel with the government of Canada. He coedited this book in his previous capacity as head of the Energy, Environment, and Development program at Chatham House.