Economic Development and Planning in India

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  • Author :V. Nath
  • Year of Publication :2010
  • ISBN: :9788180696589
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: X, 226
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Developmental Studies, Economics, Geography, Public Administration

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About the Book :

The book is a collection of essays written by Dr. Vishwambhar Nath who had retained his interest in Economic Development and Planning in India throughout his life. He was associated with the Planning Commission since its inception in 1950. He worked for the Planning Commission for 14 years from 1950-66 with a break from 1960-63 and in research and writing until 2002 when he died suddenly. The chapters contained in the volume discuss the essential ingredients in planning for development objectives, ideology, goals and resource endowments available and their utilization to maximize the rate of economic growth and development of social sectors. It gives a survey of natural resources, need for regional planning, identification of the regions, regional disparities in economic and social development etc. It further details the experience of the country during 50 years of planning from 1950-2000 and goals and strategies for development up to 2020. Although several of his writings on Regional Development and Planning, 'Planning for Urban Growth and Metropolitan Cities and Rural Development' as well as Administration and Development Planning have been/being brought out in volumes dealing with these areas, this volume touches on these subjects and goes on to discuss regional distribution of industries and entrepreneurship, growth poles in the economy, issues of sustainable development and contribution of bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and managers in the planned development process as well as that of the public and private sectors. Finally, the author reminiscences on the excitement that was aroused during the initial period of development planning as well as decline in the expectations from the planning process and its importance. He conjectures that while the planning for economic development will continue in India, the age of Five Year Plans is over.

About Author :

Vishwambhar Nath spent his entire career as a development economist in India, the Middle East and Africa. Born in Lahore on July 14, 1923, Dr. Nath trained as a geographer and economist joined the Indian Planning Commission in 1950. He worked on the Census of India and led the Project Evaluation Organization (PEO) of the Planning Commission to evaluate the Community Development Programme. Later assignments in the Planning Commission included work in the Natural Resources and Urban Planning Divisions. In between in 1957, he joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and was the District Collector in Sawai Madhopur and Pali districts in Rajasthan. This volume is based on his work in Sawai Madhopur and later in The Punjab. From 1966 to 1984 Dr. Nath worked with the United Nations as a development economist in the Middle East and West Africa and worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Asian Development Studies Centre of Boston University, USA and at The Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. His academic interests include work in Economic Development. Regional Planning, Urbanization, Rural Development and Administration and Planning.