Global and Local Polemics of Development (In 2 Volumes)

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  • Author :Prasenjit Maiti
  • Year of Publication :2010
  • ISBN: :9788180696619
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: Vol. 1, XXVI, 196 Vol. 2, XVI, 270
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Philosophy, Sociology

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About the Book :

This book, running into two volumes, attempts to examine the problems of the politics of globalization and local identities, generally underpinned by the interplay between issue-driven conflicts and strategic reconciliations. Volume One, Disquieting Divides: Politics of the Self and the Other, addresses the issues concerning poverty, economic injustice, technological innovations, terrorism and the role of alternative microfinance in social capital building and poverty alleviation. Taking a close look at the globalization process in South Asia, it also discusses at length the moral dilemmas of globalization, economic empowerment and engagement, social impact assessment and the feminist critique of contemporary medical practice using child birth. The Second volume, Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth, also examines related issues and concerns.

About Author :

Prasenjit Maiti is a Senior Sociologist with Consulting Engineering Services (India), Kolkata. He has ealier served in various capacities in several organizations including TERI, New Delhi; Resettlement Plan Implementation Working Group of KEIP; Forum of Federations, Canada; Consumer Unity and Trust Society; Council for Development Studies; West Bengal Pollution Control Board and ActionAid. Dr Maiti has to his credit a good number of publications on development. He has also served as a reviewer for some international journals of repute. He was invited as a Guest Professor to the University of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg in 2007.