Land Alienation and Its Dimensions: A Study of Scheduled District of Orissa

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  • Author :Karunakar Patnaik, Promila Prava Patnaik
  • Year of Publication :2011
  • ISBN: :9788180697661
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XXV, 298
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Agriculture, Political Science, Sociology

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About the Book :

This book is written on the basis of field study undertaken in two districts of Orissa namely Koraput and Rayagada. Both the districts come under schedule V and predominantly populated by scheduled tribes. Land problem have always influenced the livelihood of these tribes. Inspite of several protective legislations, the issues and problems relating to land still persist. Government intervention to ameliorate the socio-economic conditions arising out of these problems has been inadequate. Tribals have been subjected to persistent exploitation in different ways and land alienation is a principal factor. The rules, regulations and statutory control mechanisms have had little effect in the day-to-day lives of the people. The study in the nature of pilot intervention covered various methods. Based on the study, a set of recommendations have been formulated for reformatory action.

About Author :

Karunakar Patnaik is a retired officer of Indian Administrative Service. With thirty five years of experience in public service as a civil servant in different capacities, he witnessed and watched with keen interest the operationalisation of mechanisms and machinations of administrative knitty-grities from the grassroots level to higher echelons of power that be in the important spheres of administration. As a student of political science and a practitioner of public administration, he was immensely encouraged by the recent trends and developments in public governance to write this book on “Governance Reforms”, a topic which is currently and widely interntionalized, nationalized and to speak the least, localized. His passionate areas of keen interest are, of course, local administration, institutions and their operationalisation in the midst of developing and emerging issues that challenge governance problems. After year of retirement he has been closely associated with non-governmental and community stakeholders at the grassroots. Besides a number of publications on local government, tribal issues, he has authored several articles and books on governance. The writer is a Senior Fellow in the Institute of Social Sciences and a visiting fellow to institutions of social and economic research and analysis.

Pramila Prava Patnaik previously was working as Lecturer in Economics in different colleges of Orissa for 12 years. She was consultant in Economics in State Institute of Rural Development for 2 years. Presently, she is working as Research Officer in Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar branch. She has authored two research study books. Her research papers and articles are published in books and journals.