Indian Handbook of Hypnotherapy Foundations and strategies

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  • Author :Bhaskar Vyas, Rajni Vyas
  • Year of Publication :2009
  • ISBN: :9788180696152
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XII, 392
  • Size: 25 cms
  • Categories: Education, Psychology

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About the Book :

This book makes a scientific study of the various aspects of Indian hypnotherapy. Tracing the history of hypnosis in India, it describes in detail the states of consciousness, phenomena in hypnosis, body-mind continuum and psychopathology. Also, it deals with psychosomatic diseases, Indian perspective of psychology, healing and rejuvenation, indications, applications and contraindications, communication in hypnotherapeutic session, induction techniques, strategy for insight generation, strategic design for hypnotherapy transformation through trance, hypnotherapy for disorders of childhood behaviour, past life regression, and strategies for spirituality. The book will be useful for those who are legitimately entitled to practise hypnotherapy medical doctors, psychologists, dentists and physiotherapists.

About Author :

Bhaskar Vyas are medical specialists in the fields of Plastic Surgery and Obstetrics and Gyna ecology respectively. Their interest in consciousness studies brought them in contact with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Tibetan situation twenty years ago. They have been studying the Tibet Question ever since and have written on the topic often. Their academic scientific background has provided them with incisive insight in the complex political situation and yet, they derive spiritual visions from their humanistic learning to believe in value of values. They are teaching psychology at M.S. University, Baroda. Their earlier publications include Surgery Today, Sex Education, Towards Holistic Health, Changing Course of Brahmaputra; Dalai Lama The Change Initiator, A Philosophers Journey; Times and Values of Rohit Mehta, The Collision of Cultures, Space-Time-Consciousness: The Fifth Dimension, and The Indian Book of Clinical Hypnosis. Their present interest is to find scientific validation for mind-body connection.

Rajni Vyas (1937) have distinguished themselves in their respective professions as plastic surgeon and obstetrician-gynecologist respectively. When they had initial exposure to hypnosis in 1976 from H. Jana, Modi and Athawale, they were excited to find some common ground between meditation and hypnosis. They explored it further to learn hypnotherapy as a discipline from.