Institutional Design For Tackling Child Labour Problem: A Study of the State Child Labour Project in Karnataka

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  • Author :D. Rajasekhar, K.G. Gayathridevi, V. Anil Kumar
  • Year of Publication :2011
  • ISBN: :9788180698170
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XIV,122
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  • Categories: Child Studies, Economics, NGOs

About the Book :

Despite the existence of government policies and programmes, the incidence of child labour is high in India. Taking State Child Labour Programme (SCLP) implemented in Karnataka as a case, this book suggests the institutional changes that are needed to tackle the problem of child labour. SCLP did well in the identification and rehabilitation of child laborers. An overwhelming majority of children completed the bridge school because of provision of residential and boarding facilities. However, rehabilitated children could not be mainstreamed due to inability to get admission into government hostels and limited options to pursue vocational education. In order to reduce the problem of child labour, the government should rehabilitate children through residential bridge schools, reserve seats in the government schools with hostels for rehabilitated child laborers and provide appropriate vocational education to children uninterested in regular school education. Since the poverty is the main cause for child labour, efforts should be made to target parents of child labourers in the existing SHGs or by forming new ones for them and providing assistance to strengthen their livelihood activities. A task force under gram panchayat or municipality is needed to prevent and tackle the problem of child labour.

About Author :

D. Rajasekhar is an Associate Professor (Economics) in Decentralisation and Development Unit of the Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore. He is currently directing a World Bank supported research project on "Roles of Rural Local Organisations in Developments Projects", and a Karnataka Government supported project on Panchayat Finances in Karnataka. His research interests include local organisations, micro finance and linkages among the development actors. He has two books to his credit, namely, Rejuvenating Tanks: A Socio Ecological Approach, and Decentralised Government and NGOs: Issues, Strategies and Ways Forward.

K.G. Gayathridevi Former Associate Professor of Sociology, Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

V Anil Kumar, Ph.D from the University of Delhi, is an Assistant Professor at the Centre for Political Institutions, Governance and Development at ISEC. He teaches Political Theory, and Indian Government and Politics. His current research interests include civil society and its relation to governance and public policy, policies towards child labour, policies towards decentralisation, aspects of rural and urban governance, and social and political theory. He has earlier published three books on agrarian change, drinking water as a basic right and the phenomenon of developmental politics becoming significant in India in general and in south India in particular. He has written numerous articles.