Tank and Well Irrigation Crisis: Spatial, Environmental and Social Issues

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  • Author :Olivia Aubriot
  • Year of Publication :2013
  • ISBN: :9788180697869
  • Language: :English
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  • No of Pages: LVI, 334
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  • Categories: Agriculture, Geography, Water Resources

About the Book :

India is facing various irrigation problems. One of these is the ubiquitous frantic quest for groundwater, with no or little limitation on its exploitation; another is the competition it may imply for collective irrigation which depends mainly on surface water; another one is the multiplicity of stakes involved in irrigation, including social, economic and political concerns, which makes solutions difficult to find. By gathering together cases from the hinterland of Puducherry, a region of South India where every village has its tank (semi-embanked seasonal lake) and some wells or/and tubewells, the authors assert that tank use cannot be analysed without considering access to groundwater, without examining the power linked to controlling access to the resource, and even that tank and well irrigation crises are heightened by this absence of integrated management of the water resource. The contributors to this book are either researchers or development practitioners, from geography, anthropology, agro-economy and environmental studies.

About Author :

Olivia Aubriot, at C.N.R.S. (National Centre for Scientific Research, France), with a joint qualification in agronomy and anthropology has been working on social water management in Nepal and South India for the last 20 years. Her centres of interest are peasant water management and its underlying logic, water rights, dynamics of spatial organisation, technical anthropology and nowadays, the impact of climate change on changes in water management practices. From mid-2005 to mid-2008 she was at the French Institute of Puducherry, a period during which she developed a joint research programme on competition between collective traditional irrigation and individual modern irrigation in the hinterland of Puducherry, South India.