Geography of Crowding and Human Response: A Study of Ahmedabad City

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  • Author :K.M. Kulkarni
  • Year of Publication :1984
  • ISBN: :003
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XX, 155
  • Size: 23 cms
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About the Book :

The study highlights the process of agglomeration of people and their activity under the impact of the technological revolution which has greatly changed the urban size of major Indian cities. This he resulted in intra-city difference in the level well-being in terms of social amenities, security and social health conditions. This is a striking contrast between the walled and the outer areas in terms of urban aspects. In Spite of high crowding condition the core areas of Indian cities-exhibit relatively better social well-being with social coherence and cultural warmth. The study lays emphasis on Keeping the size small, compact and core oriented as promotes social harmony, conservation of energy and economy in municipal expenditures. This book will be useful to urban sociologists, geographers, planners, civic administrators, behavioural scientists and those who are interested in knowing about urban affairs.

About Author :

K.M. Kulkarni (b. 1949) is Reader in Geography, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. His main interests are urban and regional studies. He has Published more than 30 research papers in national and international journals and is the author of Urban Structure and Interaction (Concept, 1981), Geography of Crowding and Human Response (Concept, 1984) and Geographical Patterns of Social Well-being in Gujarat (Concept, 1989).