North-East Biodiversity and Sustainable Economic Development: Issues and Challenges

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About the Book :

Northeast India is one of the richest in biological values as geographical ‘gateway’ for much of India’s flora and fauna being located at the confluence of Indian, Indo-Malayan and Indo-Chinese biogeographic regions meeting place of the Himalayan Mountains and peninsular India. The immense variety of the climatic, edaphic and altitudinal variations in Northeast have resulted in great range of ecological habitats, lowland-highland transition zones supporting the highest diversity of biomass or ecological communities, supporting extremely high species diversity. While this immense diversity has fascinated mankind towards its exploration, it has also thrown tough challenges in effectively highlighting by means of studies, surveys, research etc. This edited volume is an attempt to humbly capture the vastness and greatness of this land of wonders through chapters depicting varied aspects and to enrich the horizon of knowledge and unravel a roadmap to utilise the available diversity for the sustainable development.

About Author :

Atul Kumar Gupta, IFS (1982 batch) is MBA, Postgraduate in Zoology, Sociology, Forestry, Wildlife Management, and PhD from Cambridge University, U. K. Dr. Gupta is currently serving as PCCF & Chief Wildlife Warden, Forest Department, Government of Tripura, and also working as CEO & PD, Indo-German Project MS, Tripura Biodiversity Board and VC, State Medicinal Plants Board.

Er Dhiman Daschaudhuri an Agricultural Engineer from Marathawada Agricultual University, Parbhani, Maharashtra is now working as Technical Officer in Agro-meteorological Advisory Services of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura Centre. He has 15 years of working experience in Agro-meteorological Research.

Mrinmoy Datta had Ph.D. in Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry from the University of Calcutta and is currently Joint Director in Tripura Centre of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region. Dr. Datta has 34 years of research experience in the domain of Soil Chemistry and Soil Fertility, Agroforestry, Farming System Research and Agrometeorology.

Biswendu Bhattacharjee is post graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication. He has authored several books on environment science for secondary students of Tripura besides practicing professional journalism over past one and half decades in nationally and internationally renowned media organisations.