Knowledge Dissemination and Publication: Tagore in the Perspective of Information Science

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  • Author :Partha Pratim Ray, B.K. Sen
  • Year of Publication :2014
  • ISBN: :9789351250500
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XVI, 152
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Education, Library Sciences, Reference Work

About the Book :

Educational Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore is based on fullness and conversion of individual fullness to social fullness. Tagore’s idea of knowledge is based on his educational philosophy. In the first segment of this book Knowledge and Dissemination, Tagore’s vision of knowledge and how he wished to disseminate it to the masses through different indigenous functions, festivals and library system discussed. Rabindranath received Nobel Prize for Gitanjali (Songs Offerings) in 1913 which is a collection of poems from different Kavyagrantha (book of poems). Tagore composed more than two thousand songs, known as Rabindrasangit and letters written by him counts four thousand ninety-eight. The second segment is devoted to bibliometric study of Rabindrasangit, letters written by Tagore and Gitanjali. The copyright of Tagore’s work expired in the year 2001 that the publishing department of Visva-Bharati enjoyed as a monopoly. This provides an opportunity to publish the copyrighted works of Rabindranath by private publishers. An attempt has been made in the third segment of this book Tagore in Print: An Assessment of Quality of Publications to review and analyze publication of Tagore’s work by private publishers considering 2001 as a turning point.

About Author :

Partha Pratim Ray, M.A., M. Lib., I. Sc, M. Phil., Ph.D. in Library and Information Science is a working Deputy Librarian and in-charge Institute of Agriculture Library, and Bangadesh Bhavana Library Visva-Bharati. He has teaching experience of more than twelve years in undergraduate and post-graduate level at different universities. Dr. Ray has contributed more than forty-one research papers in journals of national and international repute and chapters to nine books. Besides Tagore's literature (Tagoreana) his area of specialization includes information communication in society, copyright and bibliometric study. Dr. Ray is the author of the books entitled: Tagore in Print: A Comparative Study Before and After Expiry of Copyright (2012); Knowledge Dissemination and Publication: Tagore in the Perspective of Information Science (2014) with Prof. B. K. Sen.

Bimal Kanti Sen (1938) M. Lib. I. Sc. Ph.D in Library and Information Scinece served INSDOC for more than 30 years in various capacities. He served the University of Malaya as a Visiting Professor from 1995 to 1999. Dr. Sen has guided more than 50 students for their dissertations and contributed more than 200 papers, authored/edited one dozen books, wrote about 30 course materials of Indira Gandhi National Open University, and edited half a dozen journals including among others Annals of Library and Information Science Malaysian Journal of Library Bulletin. His books among others include On Bengali Scientific Terminology (Bengali) Glossary of Library and Information Science Terms (English-Bengali), In Search of Knowledge Directory of Scientific Research Institutions in India, 2nd ed. Growth of Scientific Periodicals in India (1788-1900) Growth of Scientific Periodicals in India (1901-1947) DDC Readymade; and Chemical Terminology (English- Bengali).