Engaging in Social Interventions (Volume 1: A Resource book for Learners)

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  • Author :Rajalakshmi Sriram
  • Year of Publication :2014
  • ISBN: :9789351250371
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XXXV, 263
  • Size: 26 cms
  • Categories: Economics, Participatory Development, Social Work, Sociology

About the Book :

Engaging in Social Interventions by Professor Rajalakshmi Sriram is a product of her years of involved, sensitive and empathetic engagement in the field as a highly competant scholar and professional. The book provides a roadmap to fieldwork in social settings by presenting a balanced blend of theoretical exposition and imputs for practicum. The book sets a benchmark for competent scholarship and presents its content in an extremely well organized manner for those students and professionals who are seeking to engage in meaningful social intervention in a variety of institutional, community and family settings, as well as for their supervisors and mentors. Besides helping on understand the nature of fieldwork and one's role as a profesisonal, the book also helps in understanding communication issues, tools and methods, planning, implementation, and reporting. Further, it guides  aspiring social intervention professionals in developing self awareness and reflective skills and in transitioning to competence. The book is so comprehensive in its coverage that it leaves very little untouched for the inquistive and apprehensive learner about to enter complex field settings and confront the diverse challenges that such settings entail. Typical FAQs are addressed, and the boo proves to be a lucie, easily readable one-stop resource that is conducive and motivational for learning. A great value addition comes in the form of boxes, figures and excercises constructed from reflections of experts. These are based on their experience and proved useful insights for effectively navigating one's learning path.

About Author :

Rajalakshmi Sriram, Ph. D. is Professor and Head of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies - a Center for Advanced Studies, at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in western India. A rigorous academician, she has sought not only to enrich her discipline through her engagement in basic and applied research, but has also strived to ensure that the benefits of research and the technical know-how of higher education enrich the lives of common people. She has been a part of international- and national-level course committees and advocacy bodies, working for causes related to gender, family and children. She has published numerous chapters in books, written several journal articles, and prepared published communication materials on themes like effective parenting, fathering, and domestic violence. This synthesis of thorough academic grounding and practical application and outreach has resulted in this remarkable and original work. In her teaching and professional presentations. Rajalakshmi sriram makes it a point to link research information, practices and policies, and her experience in a way that makes themes fundamentally clear to her audience, whether they are students of fellow academics. Ever the immaculate professional in the eyes of her students and colleagues, she practices and encourages systematic investigation observation. She distinguishes herself further with her ability to bring a deeply human dimension to all her work interactions and her will to integrate her ideals and learnings from working in the social development arena, into her daily life. While some opine that teachers teach students to focus on the goal. Rajalakshmi Sriram teaches us that searching, reaching, reflecting and learning on the path is our goa.

Contents :

1 Thinking about Your Role as a Student Professional 2 Understanding the Field of Social Interventions 3 Getting Ready for Your Professional Role 4 Orientation to the Context: The First Steps 5 Thinking About Tools and Methods of Needs Assessment/Situation Analysis 6 Relationships and Communication 7 Thinking and Action for Programme Planning 8 Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of Interventions 9 Doing Advocacy: An Orientation 10 Documenting and Reporting Ones’ Work 11 Managing Yourself and Your Work Effectively