Engaging in Social Interventions (Volume 2: A Resource book for Mentors)

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  • Author :Rajalakshmi Sriram
  • Year of Publication :2014
  • ISBN: :9789351250388
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XXXII, 277
  • Size: 26 cms
  • Categories: Economics, Participatory Development, Social Work, Sociology

About the Book :

This resource book for mentors is a timely contribution to the academic fraternity and to professionals in social development sectors, especially in a context where there is an acute dearth of suitable literature and what is available is fragmented and scattered. The book views mentoring as a creative process in which empathetic human interactions can potentially transform human beings. It addresses the challenges of those guiding field activities: ranging from lack of clarity in articulating 'what and why' to actually handing the nitly-gritty and 'when and how' of facilitating the integration of theory inputs with field placements. It will support mentors in designing field experience; helping a team navigate its work and relationships, conducting on-job trainings and developing clarity about their role as facilitators with real life illustrations drawn from interactions with, and feedback from several professionals in diverse fields. It reflects committed scholarship with deep engagement, where the author purposefully anticipates and addresses mentors' problems and challenges. The volume is put together with great care to help a mentor pay personal attention to the needs of each learner, and adopt innovative and creative approaches to problem solving that results in win-win solutions. The ready pointers, checklists, tolls, guidelines, assessment tips for action and reflection presented in this book are extremely valuable for the mentor.

About Author :

Rajalakshmi Sriram, Ph. D. is Professor and Head of the Department of Human Development and Family Studies - a Center for Advanced Studies, at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in western India. A rigorous academician, she has sought not only to enrich her discipline through her engagement in basic and applied research, but has also strived to ensure that the benefits of research and the technical know-how of higher education enrich the lives of common people. She has been a part of international- and national-level course committees and advocacy bodies, working for causes related to gender, family and children. She has published numerous chapters in books, written several journal articles, and prepared published communication materials on themes like effective parenting, fathering, and domestic violence. This synthesis of thorough academic grounding and practical application and outreach has resulted in this remarkable and original work. In her teaching and professional presentations. Rajalakshmi sriram makes it a point to link research information, practices and policies, and her experience in a way that makes themes fundamentally clear to her audience, whether they are students of fellow academics. Ever the immaculate professional in the eyes of her students and colleagues, she practices and encourages systematic investigation observation. She distinguishes herself further with her ability to bring a deeply human dimension to all her work interactions and her will to integrate her ideals and learnings from working in the social development arena, into her daily life. While some opine that teachers teach students to focus on the goal. Rajalakshmi Sriram teaches us that searching, reaching, reflecting and learning on the path is our goa.

Contents :

1 Understanding the Context and Designing Placements 2 Preparing Ones Self to be a Facilitator/Supervisor 3 Understanding and Supporting a Team Towards Growth 4 Maintaining Effective Relationships and Communications 5 Supporting Trainees in Processes of Fieldwork Placements 6 Training—An Orientation to the Basics