Application of Social Sciences (The): A Guide to Its Problems

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  • Author :R.E.S. Tanner
  • Year of Publication :2015
  • ISBN: :9789351251644
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: X, 252
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Sociology

About the Book :

This book is a study of how the professional understandings of social scientists, principally in the Asian context, are being used to apply their knowledge and expertise to the solution of  difficulties and to the improvement of the living conditions of some people. Some examples will show the success of what has been done while others make recommendations of how improvements might be achieved. Others make suggestions that are far too broad to accomplish in any communal setting without wholesale changes in national social behaviour. It explains the adjusted and predicted human behaviour which is widespread in the professions of sociology and psychology. It is predominantly used in secular settings in which there are three parts; those who want this knowledge, the individuals and societies from whom information is sort, and the results.
This book would be very scholars, researchers and the social scientist.

About Author :

Ralph Tanner has a B.Sc. and Diploma in Social Anthropology from Oxford University and a D.Phil in Law from Stockholm University. He has done fieldwork in Thailand, the Philippines, Guyana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya as well as in Britain and Eire. He was Chairman of the East African Institute of Social Research and a Lecturer in Comparative Religion in the University of London. He has published books on Murder in Uganda, Witchcraft Killings and Religious Change in Tanzania, the Roman Catholic Mass, contemporary religious change and co-authored two books on the biology of religion, two on the recreation of tribal identity and religious change and another on religion and the environment. He has written numerous articles on the social aspects of religious change, translation and language use, as well as on behavioural theories in the Journal of Modern African Studies, Africa, Journal of Social Sciences, Nordic Journal of African Studies, Anthropos and Studia Missionalia and others. He is currently working on the issues involved in social science fieldwork in developing societies by nationals and non-nationals and the connections between spirituality, well-being and health.