Indian Handbook of Hypnotherapy Foundations and Strategies (4th Edition)

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  • Author :Bhaskar Vyas, Rajni Vyas
  • Year of Publication :2016
  • ISBN: :9789351251958
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XXII, 386
  • Size: 25 cms
  • Categories: Education, Psychology

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About the Book :

This book is Fourth Edition edited by Ulf Sandstrom and Susheel Gupta in ten years. Ernest Rossi introduced the book as a profoundly integrative new highway to the future of India’s contribution to the world of medicine, psychology and philosophy. It makes a scientific study of the various aspects of Indian hypnotherapy. It traces roots of hypnosis in India through the wisdom intuitively derived from Ancient Texts to  describe the states of consciousness. Psychological and physiological parameters are explained to understand the phenomena in hypnosis and body-mind continuum. It explores the genesis of psychopathology of diseases as symptoms of a disturbed mind thus collating with Charak’s fundamental postulate: Pragynaparadha Jayate Sarve Rogan!
Applications to therapeutics deal with psychosomatic diseases from modern scientific perspectives  as well as Indian psychology that integrates  healing and rejuvenation.  It takes on the text book format  with  indications, applications and contraindications, communication in hypnotherapeutic session and, induction techniques. As a finale to the comprehensive refinement it sculptures the strategy for insight generation and strategic design for hypnotherapeutic transformation through trance. Simultaneously it dwells on hypnotherapy for disorders of childhood behaviour. The issues of past life regression and, strategies for spirituality are of interest to those with esoteric inclinations. The book will be useful to all; for those who are legitimately entitled to practice hypnotherapy as well as lay public.

About Author :

Bhaskar Vyas (1937) is a plastic surgeon and a retired professor of the Medical College, Vadodara. He has also been a member of faculty at the Psychology Department, The M.S. University. Consciousness has been a prime interest for his research. This has led him to be a perennial student of philosophy. Presently he is conducting stem cell research focused on regeneration and rejuvenation.

Rajni Vyas (1937) is an obstetrician and gynaecologist. She has been a professor at The M.S. University, Vadodra.
Apart from her own discipline, she has taught psychology and hypnotherapy as well. Her seminal research contribution is in the field of infertility of unknown origin. She has conducted stem cell research with significant contribution in diabetes and osteoarthritis. This husband-wife research association has produced over 30 publications each. They have taught hypnotherapy all across India as well as at international conferences. Their other publications are on holistic health, Raj Yoga, philosophy of justice, and on cultural topics. They have also been biographers of the Dalai Lama.