Women in the Contemporary Society: Issues and Challenges

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  • Author :Thokchom Binarani Devi
  • Year of Publication :2017
  • ISBN: :9789351252955
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: IXX, 206
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Home Science, Social Work, Women Studies

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About the Book :

The present book is a comprehensive document which sincerely attempt at not only the present position and status of women and improving their place in the society, as an active contributor towards economically viable projects, but also as an integral force in propelling the workforce of rural, less privileged women to the forefront of our economy, to an acceptable and respected place in the social and political structure of the country. 
It also discribes about women as individuals of an independent India, in general and particularly women of the backward and under-developed States like Manipur, with an ever-increasing sense of dignity and self-worth which will spur them or to contribute within an over increasing ambience of diligence and economic viability and ongoing political processes. Many social stigmas are heaped upon women for no fault of their own, only violent action towards them, and injustice. Then, again, denial of property rights, lower wages, violence in civil life, gender discrimination etc. are some of the notable social diseases that are exhibiting in this modern developing societies.

About Author :

Th. Binarani Devi hailing from professional family obtained her degrees of M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Department of Political Science, Manipur University under the supervision of Prof. Ksh. Bimola Devi former Dean, School of Social, Science. Presently she is working as Senior Lecturer in Department of Political Science, G.P Womens College, lmphal. She has published twelve articles and completed a major research project under University Grants Commission, New Delhi.