Solid Waste Management: Compendium of Case Studies

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  • Author :Shyamli Singh, Ashish Jain, Vinod K. Sharma
  • Year of Publication :2019
  • ISBN: :9789386682741
  • Language: :English
  • Binding: :Hard Bound
  • No of Pages: XX, 60
  • Size: 23 cms
  • Categories: Agriculture, Geography, Urban Studies

About the Book :

The book, “Solid Waste Management: Compendium of case Studies” is driven by the earnestness of fostering the embracing of safe solid waste management practices in India. The number of accessible landfills is reducing, the health risks associated with waste incineration are of great concern and the growing public / NIMBY opposition  to sitting new waste management facilities is a growing problem. The book tries to present a full picture of the state-of-the-art research and development of actionable knowledge discovery in new initiatives in solid waste management through a compendium of case studies. This book is an attempt to address the ever-present challenges and intricacies from a real-world perspective. It presents recent developments and discoveries in solid waste management practice and its associated risks of air, water and soil pollution to stimulate more research and to rapidly pass on such discoveries to the community.

About Author :

Shyamli Singh is working as Assistant Professor with Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, India. Dr. Singh has authored text books, monographs, articles and discussion papers. She is a gold medallist from Indraprastha University and a topper from University of Delhi.

Ashish Jain is a Post graduate in Environmental Science and Founder Director of an NGO, Indian Pollution Control Association. He has 15 years of professional experience in the field of Solid Waste Management and Environment Education.

Vinod Kumar Sharma is currently Senior Professor, at Indian Institute of Public Administration, and Executive Vice Chairman, Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority, Govt. of Sikkim. Dr. Sharma has books and several other publications to his credit. His area of specialization includes environment and disaster management.