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    Ganga Ram Garg has several works to his credit including the Concise Oxfrord Companion to Hindi Literature, published by the Oxford University Press, 1963; An Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature (Sanskrit, Pali Prakrit, Apabharmsa, 1982), World Perspectives on Swami Dayananda Saraswati (1984); Encyclopaedia of World Hindi Literature (1986) and International Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature (1986), of which eight volumes have appeared so far. Dr. Garg monumental work, however, is ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE HINDU WORD, which is eventually to be covered in 40 volumes. Dr. Garg has also provided a 60 page Introduction to The Sacred Books & Early Literature of the East (14 Vols.) edited by Charles F. Horne. Holding a doctorate from the Panjab University, Dr. Garg has been associated with Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalay, Hardwar for some of 40 years where he worked as Professor, Registrar and Vice-Chancellor and was also its Senator. For his work on Dayananda, he was honoured by the Dayanaanda Nirnand Samiti, Ajmer. His works carry Forewords by eminent scholars, e.g. Professor R. Stuart McGregor, University of Cambridge, Professor Juan Miguel de Mora, Mexico and Professor Kenneth W. Jones, America. Dr. Gargs books have been appreciatively reviewed in Hindustan, Tribune, Hindu Asia week, Choice, U.S.A. etc. Born at Kohand (Panipat), some 18 works of his have been published; more, however are yet to come.

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