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  • About Gopal Misra

    Gopal Misra is a senior journalist, who has worked in some of the leading journals and newspapers of India and abroad such as The Pioneer, Times of India, Janasatta, Sunday Mail and Gulf News. While editing the Congress Party publications in the mid eighties, he came in contact with the well known telecom expert, Sam Pitroda. His close interaction with Sam convinced him that telecom and internet are not only revolutionizing the media and business, the new technology would give new life and opportunities to the entire society. He joined Siddhartha Ray, one of the pioneers in this sensitive field of telecom and Internet, who had launched now as a senior executive. While Siddhartha discussed the various business models base on this crucial technology, Gopal Misra, set up a non registered NGO, Asarkari Manch, to promote Information Technology for Masses. The Asarkari Manch made a number of presentations before the key policy makers, which led to the concept of rural clusters with an IT backbone. This movement brought him closer to persons like Dr. Kamla Taori, who invite him to promote Information Technology for Masses in the northeast region of our country. While Gopal Misra is keen to promote various convergence models for the media, he is convinced that IT will be a key instrument in unleashing the potential of our people.

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