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  • About Shashi Prabha Sharma

    Shashi Prabha Sharma is Senior Lecturer of Economics at Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. Educated at Punjab, Haryana and Delhi, she took her Ph. D. in Economics in 1988. She has bee teaching Statistics, Economic Theory and Comparative Economic Development. Dr. Sharma is a scholar of varied interests. She is deeply interested in the study of Philosophy, Psychology and metaphysical matters. It was her interest in the ultimate issues that made her delve deep in the philosophical foundations of economics. Mahatma Gandhi's ideology of 'truth' and 'non-violence' is her special field. Dr. Sharma is of the view that Gandhian economics which stems from holistic foundations and moves within the framework of 'truth' and 'non-violence' is the only hope of the modern disturbed world. She has contributed numerous articles in learned journals on the subject.

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